Wacky. Peculiar. Discombobulated space silliness. A Call To The Stars is an original Sci-Fi Comedy audio series written by Rose Marie Drabble and created by Queer Ear Productions. Join Leonora Halebopp and Nicola Brown’s misadventures and allow the universe to transport your ears. Next stop: Hopefully Somewhere.

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S1 of A Call to the Stars is STREAMING NOW!

Slip on your headphones and let the universe transport you…

It’s a perfectly ordinary day for Nicola Brown. The trains run late as usual, her colleagues are annoying as ever, and she’s working another tedious shift at Planetary Connections. It’s all a rather large inconvenience. Leonora Hale-Bopp, space punk incarnate, is stuck on Earth with an uncooperative universal remote control…


Nicola Brown is the “average Joe” of this universe and every universe beyond it. All she wants is a break from the mundane flow of her life and a nice cup of tea but fate has other things in mind….


The cast and crew behind this podcast are fantabulous! Without their dedication, talent and resilience, there would be no show. Whilst the characters spent most of the time feeling discombobulated, the actors and producer held the ship in tact, even when things weren’t plain sailing. Recording was temporarily paused during lockdown but this didn’t hinder the crew’s enthusiasm for their roles. Step behind the sound proof wall and learn more about the individuals that made the show what it is…


The Void is a bridge between realities. All of them. Disclaimer: experiences may vary from passenger to passenger. Unattended luggage will be destroyed without any prior notice. The Void is not responsible for any missing limbs or additional objects emerging in unlikely places…


@copyright2021 A Call to the Stars is a Queer Ear Production. Find out more about current and future Queer Ear audio projects here: www.queerearproductions.com